Saint Vincent. Patron Saint of Wine Growers.

Saint Vincent, the patron Saint of wine growers. He was born in Spain in 4th Century. He was martyred in Valencia, by being crushed to death in a wine press on 22 January 304. It is a mystery as to why he became the patron Saint of winegrowers. There is no shortage of theories. It could simply be  the first three letters of his name. 'Vin'.

Legend also has it that he stopped by the side of a vineyard to chat to the workers and his donkey nibbled at the vines. The following harvest it was noted that those vines had produced more fruit than all the other vines. Saint Vincent's donkey had invented the art of vine pruning.

His saint's day 22 January is ideal for the wine producers at a period between vinification, (the conversion of grape juice into wine by fermentation) and pruning when the vines are dormant.

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