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Domaine de Roncee

Baudry Dutour

Christophe BAUDRY owns Domaine de la Perrière in CRAVANT LES COTEAUX. He is the sixth generation of a wine growing family. He took over from his parents, Jean and Marie-Claire, in 1990.

Jean-Martin DUTOUR is passionate about wine. He moved to the Chinon region as the head of Domaine du Roncée in 1993 after achieving the viti-oenologue diploma from Montpellier, the premier ‘Grande Ecole’ for viticulture,  and was ready to apply the best practices which he had experienced in other vineyards: putting grass in the vineyard, trellising the vines, removing leaves, carefully vinifying the whole fruit… all techniques which are now accepted by all other growers.

Chateau de Villeneuve

The chateau sits on a plateau overlooking the Loire. In 1969 the Chevallier family acquired the chateau and restored it after the bomb damage of 1940.

In 1997 further renovation and modernization created the chateau as it is today.

 The wines both red and white are produced without the use of herbicides or chemicals.

Domaine du Puy

Domaine du Puy sits on the banks of the Vienne River. Established in 1820 by Alexis Delalande it has seen a succession of 5 generations led today by Patrick Delalande who keeps the traditions alive.

The vineyard found in the Chinon appellation in  Cravant les Coteaux , known for its rich and noble land.